August 17


London A to Z


I is for “Immunisation”.
Routine Immunisation is a significant Intervention that is a proven contributor to Increasing child survival rates and giving every child the chance to live beyond their fifth birthday.  Progress Is being made in this area and the good news is that across the world, about four fifths of children have access to routine immunisation services.  However, the bad news is that the children in the remaining one fifth are the hardest to reach; living in the remotest paces, in the poorest countries or in areas affected by conflicts, wars or natural disasters.  That is why supporting vaccination programmes is an Important focus of the Partnership.  As with all of these subjects, there are many Interlinking facets.  It’s not just about having the vaccines available and affordable, but in hot climates with Intermittent electricity supplies, the risk of storage at the Incorrect temperature is also an Issue.  That’s why the Partnership is providing Innovative solar powered fridges in some areas.  Additionally, health workers need to be trained in how to Immunise children, so that this activity becomes Integrated Into the primary healthcare system. The 1 in 5 children who do not have access to this level of healthcare are still at greatest risk of dying from preventable diseases.

If I could have hoped for real life examples of what this means in practice, then I’m happy to say that without any knowledge or Involvement in each other’s blogs, three other PULSE volunteers provide the real life examples just this week.  I therefore urge you look at:
Jim’s recent blog from Kenya where his photos show exactly how seemingly Impossible it can be to get to some of the health centres and what remoteness really can mean.
Diana explains the Initial logistics problems of launching a new vaccine in Mozambique when 1 of the 2 available cold trucks has broken down.
Maryanne’s most recent blog from the Philippines shows the Importance of having safe and accessible vaccination clinics for mothers to take their Infants to.

Incidentally, I is also for “IIE”, which is the department I am working In within Save UK; “Impact, Innovation & Evidence”.  But I’m going to leave you Intrigued with that one and you’ll have to wait for another Instalment before I provide you with more Information about It.