August 13


Give Them a Smile it might be the only Sunshine they see all day at Kariobangi

Brief History

Kariobangi Cheshire home one of the projects covered by Leonard Cheshire disability

I will clarify where is it located? What is the purpose for that home? What is their mission, vision objectives and activities for them?

Kariobangi Cheshire home located at Kariobangi area which is a low-income residential estate in northeastern Nairobi, It consists of both apartments and slum-type dwellings. It is split into two parts, Kariobangi Northand Kariobangi South. The northern part was constructed first, with first buildings built in 1961

kang 1

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The home was started to meet the needs of the elderly poor of the area. by late70’s they had begun to live in temporary shelters while the 1st six rooms were built in1980 with the help of HELPAGE U.K. while another 16 rooms were added with the assistance IN 1986 BY Cartias,Austria while the Irish Government sponsored to build a Day Care Center


They have a mission: To uplift the quality of life of of old persons with disability regardless of sex race colors or beliefs

They have a vision: An Inclusive society where old persons with disability are respected and empowered to develop their potential to lead a quality of life

They have objectives: To give dedicated caring, healthy diet and medical help within atmosphere of love ,peace spiritual welbieng and blessing


Sister Ivana the Contact Person there who joined the home in 1971 till now she is managing all the activities of the home by herself ,she received us by lovely smile ,worm words, cub of coffe and tea, biscuits and pastry made by the neighbors . talking with us confidently how –although she is elder ,doesn’t knew to use pc ,emails and internet -to communicate to get a funds for the home she likes and believes in what she is doing so she succeed to make the following activities


1)Home and permanent residence of 37 very poor elderly men and women. They need a lot of caring especially when wheel chair bound 7-9 cases they have become. At the home they are involved in many daily activities and they have shelter and food. Otherwise most of them would be living on the streets and begging. Participating in the activities enables them to reap huge physical, mental and psychological benefits. It also ensures them some peace and happiness in their twilight years. The home also runs St Joseph Day Care Center for old people and people with leprosy, who can come twice a week


2) Services for the poor of their neighborhoods: above 70 years of age of their slum area on every Wednesday and Friday arrive at 9.00 am and leave around 4 pm while there they interact with their residents ,join together prayer, some play table game, receiving medical care and not only received well balanced cooked good meal but also when they are ready to leave they receive a bag of full fresh vegetables –myself was very happy to serve them


in addition on Wednesday they receive 2kgs of maize and 1kg of beans. Was an amazing days when I took my place to serve the maize and beans how was they are organized lovely, friendly and standing in one line while receiving their foods

Indeed it was  a fantastic day to serve elderly people……you should try and you will see the change you can make for their life even  if it will be s a SMILE