London A to Z


H is for “Healthcare”.
I write these blogs, Homeward bound on the evening train and it gives me the ideal time to reflect on the different aspects of the GSK-Save the Children Partnership that I’ve learnt about.  Millions of people around the world are still lacking access to basic Healthcare.  Strengthening Health systems for everyone in developing countries is an integral element of the Partnership.  Recognising that some of the best solutions are created by those “on the ground”, one aspect of the Partnership is to encourage, reward and celebrate innovative healthcare solutions from within Home countries in the developing world.  How ?  Through the “Healthcare Innovation Award”.  The third annual award was recently launched, with an award fund of one million US dollars available to the winning innovations.  The Partnership is working to Help to save one million children’s lives, so with that in mind, applicants need to be able to demonstrate that their innovations improve under-5 child survival rates.  (Further information is provided at
Last year’s top prize was awarded jointly to the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in South Africa and ColaLife in Zambia. UKZN developed a project to promote life-saving breast feeding for vulnerable premature babies including a mobile phone app to aid the safe pasteurization and storage of donated Human breast milk.  ColaLife’s project adapted the supply chains used to get soft drinks and other consumer goods to remote areas to deliver a specially tailored diarrhoea treatment kit for infants.

I also said that I would use the blog to let you know about any unexpected sights in London and my morning Hike to work was brought to a Halt, because I was definitely not expecting to see this Hawk in the city.  Apparently it’s used for pigeon control purposes and along with His or Her Handler, is an Habitual worker in the area.