Re-arranging My Brain cells…..

Before I could realize the first month has been marked and I started to see where I could really make some big improvements and I started implying my new found ideas. In the next paragraphs I will tell about my projects and activities, but don’t think that everything I did succeeded. On many occasions I tried to push things through but didn’t manage to. It takes time to understand and live another culture, and it’s not always easy, it’s not always recommended even, to project our own corporate vision of things into their lives. One of the first things I did, together with my colleagues, who would be with me in the three months, was building a strong rapport by providing instant solutions for their routine work and incorporating, leveraging the available frugal technologies. It took a serious effort in the first weeks building it up but thanks for the technical skills which helps to add value in their work and It’s quite apt tactics.I found myself participating in activities I had never considered doing. Overall my first two weeks had been passed in making rapport, observing the work culture and assessing expectations.

I have been given responsibility of two of the major project and both are critical for the community and the organization -;

  1. Taruni helpline- Lack of access among poorer young women to information, counseling and services for reproductive health underlies low use and high unmet need for contraception. This lacuna is compounded whenever they face uncertainty and anxiety about becoming pregnant. Rural young women hesitate to seek care from clinics or city hospitals because they consider them to be unfriendly, time consuming or unpredictably expensive. Our objective is to promote greater adoption of reversible contraceptive methods, antenatal care, safe, legal abortion and rational treatment of infertility, on part of young women. We are conducting the research through surveys through appointing community volunteers. They are collecting baseline data by going to door to door in distant villages. We are interpreting those available data and forming a campaigns, community communication and awareness activities.
  2. Sampark Helpline- which is formed for Improving Effectiveness and Quality of Referral and Emergency Obstetric Care in the Public Health System of Rajasthan which leads to reducing maternal mortality. It’s my primary project and I have discussed this project in my previous blogs.

With a village survey respondent

I always have opportunities to accompany community volunteers who are collecting data from distant villages. I was stunned by edifice and sometimes they are quite obdurate. It’s a great learning to interact with them and dig the data out of them and you need to accommodate with their level of understanding.I am also responsible for creating ideas for activities and communication for the campaign which is possible when you know which language and arrangement of words they prefer to read or listen. It’s kind of re-arranging the brain cells which are accustomed to function in particular language (English) and fashion.Re-arrangement always leads to development.

It’s the GSK-spirit which everyday propels me to do more and contribute more.