She Asked me why? and when she knews she said Dady Bye Bye!!!


Yesterday 7 August just I arrived at Nairobi where my assigmnt is. I will work for LCD (Leonard Cheshire Disabilities),  you can find the details of the assignment at the end of the blog but what actually i want to share with you is my feeling now and what happened before departure  ?although my family knew that i will move for my assignment on 7th August but one day before i received very important questions from my little daughter  that make me more motivated to take this new chapter

The question was Why you will go although you are working here and everything is good ?

I said you’ve seen people in need on the news after hurricane, earthquake, or other disaster. Perhaps you’ve walked past homeless people who are living on the streets. Or maybe you’ve been to an animal shelter and wished you could give every pet a home. So what can you do to help people (or animals) who need it? The answer is — volunteer!

Volunteering means spending some of your free time helping others. You may volunteer to help other people, such as the families who lost their homes after a natural disaster. But you can also volunteer to protect animals, the environment, or any other cause that you care about.

She is now totally confident that what his father will do is a big something not just a work.

Help Yourself by Helping Others ,doing little change could make big changes for others! Volunteering helps others, but it can also help you, too. If you’re upset about something that’s happened — like a hurricane or other disaster — doing something about it can be a great way to cope with your feelings

Then I said to my self The moment you have been waiting for has arrived. You are now at the site of actions .please do it get rid off from all your fear,worries,challenges and if I will remind me and every one of you I will borrow part form Jim Carrey Commencement Speech:

Fear is going to be a player in your life, but you get to decide how much. You can spend your whole life imagining ghosts, worrying about your pathway to the future, but all there will ever be is what’s happening here, and the decisions we make in this moment, which are based in either love or fear. So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality. What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the universe for it.

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.reminding each other that we are part of a larger self. So think yourself you are Seeking shelter in caves and foxholes, dug out hastily   or Just a flickering light or even An archer searching for his target in the mirror

Trust in yourself and you will be the change

I will work in East and North Africa Regional Office (ENARO) which is based in Nairobi , ENARO implements projects and supports Cheshire services in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan, Morocco, Seychelles and Rwanda. As well as supporting healthcare and rehabilitation services in these countries, ENARO also manages an Access to Livelihoods programme in Tanzania and Uganda, an Inclusive Education program in Kenya and Young Voices groups in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda.

I will go to help and support the development of a fundraising plan and strategy also to produce a directory of companies and foundations to approach for funding in order to continue these programs, as well as l help to launch programs in new countries within the ENARO region.


  1. Great blog. You are so right about helping others. That is the core of our Pulse assignments. I am also doing some Fundraising. Perhaps we can collaborate.

  2. god bless u dear Mahmoud and hope to comeback to ur daughters ,family and to us your colleagues soon after a fruitfull journey.

  3. So pleased to hear that you were able to explain this to your daughter in a way that she understood the importance of the work you are doing. And I love the Jim Carrey speech! Wishing you well as you Be the Change Mahmoud!

  4. What an amazing entry! I think your daughter will only get more proud the older she gets and the more she understand the unbalanced nature of life. Much admiration and respect for you Mahmoud!

  5. I can’t express enough how proud I’m of u. U r one of the very rare exceptional people in GSK and day after day u prove what such a role model u r, one who takes the initiative to make a change and not afraid to take risks.. So very proud of u..

      1. u r an amazing human being and an amazing professional, i’m so proud to be ur friend.. U r such a different material than any other worker we used to have in GSK, they r very lucky to have u..

  6. This is the first day in your work I hope all the best in your new and temporary mission and I have to remember you (اجعل نيتك لوجه الله تعالي ) and you will gain a lot in all aspect ISA
    ربنا يوفقك وترجع بالسلامه

  7. I can say nothing but God help you in your mission and come back safly to your family helping people is a great thing

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