August 04


One month… en la tierra de los incas

Well, already a month in Cusco. Time go fast, really fast.
The way of life is slower here than in my city, so I had to learn to be calm, no so hyperactive as always. That was hard at the beginning, I wanted to do so many things my first weeks here, then I learned that the processes are slower than I thought. The biggest challenge right now it’s certificate Cervicusco as a NGO for the Peruvian government. OF COURSE we are a NGO, Cervicusco has already 8 years working as a NGO, but right now we need one Peruvian paper that certificate us as these. I am from Mexico, so I already know how the bureaucracy works in many countries of Latinoamerica. Sometimes it is not easy to have ONE paper in your hand.
That´s about my work. Now, as a person, I can say that these month was very intense. Many changes in my life, be apart of my family, my friends, my comfort… These month was so strange, my collegue in Cervicusco, Jorge, said I have to do “mi pago a la tierra” (something like “pay to the land”, a thing the people from Cusco do when they have bad luck) because I had so many problems these weeks that was almost ridicules. Now I can laugh but was not funny. One week my corporate and my personal credits cards were blocked, AT THE SAME TIME!!! And I had not money at all because I had to complete the rent for the first month with the cash I had. I have not idea why both cards were blocked… anyway I survived 😉 Then, the apartment where I live looks really nice, everything looks perfect, then I started to live there and everything was a mess. The house have water problems, electricity issues, drainage damages, etc. Of course these month I am moving, AGAIN. Well, I think these two problems was the biggest, so nothing serious.
Anyway, I am having a great time here, I love to work in Cervicusco, the people here are amazing and I am in love with these project… I CAN NOT ASK ANYMORE! I am learning so much; I am helping and they are helping me to be a better professionist, a better worker, a better person.