Too much emotions, false start at the beginning of the race

Huancavelica is where great Peruvian athletes are born

Too much emotions, false start at the beginning of the raceEmotions running high, false start ! Elevated well over 3500 meters above sea level, homeland to world renowned Peruvian athletes,  Huanacavelica, on 1st of August, was the venue of sport competition of a very special kind. Children aged 5 to 13 were running for a cause far beyond the physical challenge and rivalry in spirit of sport. Through the streets of Huncavelica city -the capital of one of the poorest Peru regions, run named in quechua: Huk Sunkulla, Huk Pallkalla (one heart, one effort) was part of a global event called Race for Survival, which is the capstone of Save the Children campaign EveryOne. This campaign is focused on reduction of children under 5 mortality rates to meet fourth United Nations Millenium Development Goal. It was a very special opportunity for me to assist to this great event organized with the support of another NGO Tierra de Niños  and local government, but what made my trip there even a more unique experience, was a chance given me by SC to provide my small contribution: by taking the pictures to document the race and interviewing child participants. Not as easy tasks as they may seem at first! I was even trying to run some distance but quit quickly my heart started thumping and lungs gasping for more oxygen. The race was a great success with over 700 small runners participating in various age categories, small, but with great hearts for the effort, according to race motto. Actually, (what I could hear directly from them!), a lot of those child competitors think about being an athlete in the future, following the paths of such great sport figures born in Huancavelica as Inés Melchor – several Peruvian records holder or Remigio Huamán Quispe – second in the world in the last Wings for Life charity run. The latter even present at the event and giving a speech during the award ceremony. And, I must admit at the end, runners in Huancavelica region are specially privileged, as they can practice this sport in very picturesque surroundings. Cathedral in HuancavelicaCathedral in Huancavelica


  1. Sounds like you had a great time … just think how good you’re going to be when you get back home after all of this altitude training ! Enjoying hearing what you’re doing with Save out in Peru.

  2. Enjoy Peru. I love that country. I am also working with Save in the Philippines. Good luck in the half marathon. I am trying to organize our first public run while I’m here. Keep up the great blogs:)

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