August 03


London A to Z


G is for “Gratitude”.
If you’ve quickly scanned down the screen, then you may be feeling Grateful that it’s a short message this week.  But that’s not the gratitude I’m thinking about.  PULSE assignments provide us with an opportunity to personally Grow and Gain a new perspective on our lives and on the world. “Good Grief, where is this Going ?” I hear you ask. Don’t worry – nothing too deep and meaningful, but perhaps a little challenge for us all during this week.

I find myself “tuning into” news items that may have previously passed me by; especially those concerning children and families.  This week it was reports of refugees in Greece. In the UK we hear a lot about refugees in Italy but not so much about events in Greece.  Not only have families left everything behind, but the county they have escaped to is having its own troubles and the Government is having difficulty addressing these new pressures with its own limited resources.  The refugee camps are struggling to provide for even the most basic necessities; food, water, shelter or access to healthcare.  From the comfort of our homes we read or hear about these things and similar challenges affecting other communities around the Globe and they seem a million miles away.  One report commented on the Generosity of the Greek people and also tourists who have been helping where they can.

So here’s the challenge – during this week, let’s try to increase our Gratitude, decrease our Grumbles and be more Generous with what we can Give to others, whether that’s money, time or simply a helping hand.