July 30


When a poem says it all……..

imageI am not going to make this blog entry about myself………..At last, you may think! 

Well, I could reiterate what a great experience I am having and how much I am enjoying my assignment at Target Ovarian Cancer, but today I want to talk about the impact cancer has on the patient’s friends and family members. Rightly, we all tend to focus on the patient, but when you get to hear of stories about people who care for and support their loved ones you realise how cancer also affects THEM. 

Let me put this into words – Holly’s words, to be precise. Holly is a woman whose mother has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and turns her feelings into a poem to raise awareness and support Target Ovarian Cancer.

Have  a read and see for yourself…… not that any of us need reminding, but doesn’t reading this make all the work we do as PULSE volunteers even more worthwhile?


In a land far beyond the M25…

And yes that’s a dig at the north/south divide,

Was raised a young girl that always wanted to sing,

And had nowt that much interest in the sport they called cycling.


The years they passed on,

To her mother came cancer,

A disease that takes bankers, doctors, and dancers.

And it seemed for a while there was little to hope for,

Every day was a battle that felt like the Great War.


But then, one miraculous, glorious morning,

We were told things weren’t quite as bad as they had been warning,

And the remarkable mother I proudly call mine,

Had officially given cancer the V-sign.


So now it’s my turn to take on a challenge

On a 100 mile bike ride that sounds pretty savage.

All I hope for in life is making Mum proud,

And to make her think it was worth sticking around.


Her fight still goes on,

But with the help of one charity,

Our family have hope, more support and more clarity.

If you cannot give money, just please remember this,

That life is a gift, and it’s one we should cherish.


Well done Holly and thank you for bringing your emotions to life and for the support to the thousands of women Target Ovarian Cancer can help through people like you. Good luck at the Ride London event this weekend.


Holly’s Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/Holly-Clarke-TeamInvestec/