The Grim Reality..

My days are progressing with everyday learning more about the people’s pain and agony. Fortunately by my assignment I have opportunity to see how people are living and being treated at Government health Facilities. As per the project we need to assess the health care facility and make efforts to make it more reliable and feasible for the masses.

I have gone through the Fact sheet of maternal mortality cases in southern part of Rajasthan and I was astonished to see that the 65% maternal mortality cases has been registered within 24 hours of admission in tertiary district healthcare facility.

The reasons are apparent thereDSC01118 is no proper patient management and there is poor hygiene even at the Main Government district Hospitals.

This is soul-rending fact that more than 100,000 women die each year in India due to pregnancy related causes. In India, hemorrhage (25.6 percent) ranks first as the cause of maternal death, followed by sepsis (13%), toxemia of pregnancy (11.9 %), abortions (8%) and obstructed labor (6.2 %) while other causes together total 35.3%. The high Maternal Mortality Rate is attributed to large number of deliveries conducted at home by untrained persons. In addition, lack of satisfactory referral facilities to tackle with emergency obstetric care for complicated cases.

The apprehension, anxiety, fury of anyone from their families can be understood only by actually bDSC01119eing there. This is really obtuse view of the Government who are busy doing nothing while they have a retinue of servants at their disposal. The officials are busy in minting money and gloating. We are living in a country who boasts of 8% GDP growth but these economically marginalized families, the communities that live in the rural interiors reflects the grim reality which is actual Picture.This also reflects the importance of comprehensive health care which will improve mortality rather than imperiling their lives. There is no willful drive by the government for the up gradation of the healthcare facilities. I am surprised to see the Neonatal ICU at tertiary care facility where 3 neonates are placed in a single cradle and who knows they are treated for different ailments.Only four cradles are fully functional out of twelve and Hospital administration is willfully callous and haughtily blind…


  1. Great blog Kuldeep. It’s amazing isn’t it the lack of healthcare in third world countries? Thank you for bringing these facts to light.

  2. Quite painful findings, Kuldeep. While we based in urban setups with access to best of healthcare facilities, imagine how worse it can be.. its truly painful so see and witness such a plight. I myself have seen similar settings in parts of Odisha.. but this truly shows huge gap in healthcare equity that exists in Indian and vast need of better healthcare infrastructure.

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