Mandela, Mahatma and Myself…Only common thing is Super South Africa…


Dear lovely people,

Here I am, reporting from South Africa as a GSK Pulse ambassador-2015. Indeed I am Doing more, Feeling better and will be living longer here to leave some sustainable footprints on community for a better healthcare for vulnerable children.

Last whole week, It was very tough emotional roller coaster ride in the family..

On Monday 20th July, My wife and son departed for backhome visit in India.
On Monday 20th July, My wife and son departed for backhome visit in India.
Whenever I see this picture, i feel very strong, it motivates and reminds me why I am here...(it works as KPI...)
Whenever I see this picture, i feel very strong, it motivates and reminds me why I am here…(it works as KPI…)
On Monday 21st July, My Parents went back to India after a great memorable visit.
On Thursday, 23rd July I felt like a king at queens terminal when I was all set to aboard a flight of change, a flight of emotions and a flight of humanity.
I was all excited; however life is never easy..After clearing couple of hours immigration queue, I saw my bag has been badly damaged …It took me another good couple of hours to register a claim…I said register… Only god knows what will happen next….

However, I believe there is always a good thing happens after a worst experience.

I had a lovely reception at Jo’burg airport. Heartily thanks to Simon and his brother from Thoughtful Path (Project hopeuk) NGO to pick me up at airport. I called them modern african dudes. great people Yo!!

I collected my brand new car (unfortunately it was on rental!!) and we all came to my beautiful accomodation No8 guest house at Krugersdrop North. Glad to see a typical african style deco studio room…The guest house was very well maintained with local art and craft skills with excellent people working there.

IMG_6198 IMG_6190 IMG_6194IMG_6200

IMG_6178 IMG_6177

IMG_6216 IMG_6203

I guess, above pics are sufficient to make anyone jealous; however the real story starts from here…I said the real story and I did mean it….Remember as i mentioned above, Life is never easy and I must say Pulse volunteers are the top bunch of people our company is supporting on….

Keep eye on my next blog which will be on soon…. From my guest house, drive 5 minutes to the Left or drive 5 minutes to the right and In reality, you will see two south africa lives within 5 miles distance)

Till now, watch the below video where I got chance to ride a big boy (Lambretta type) scooter..Thanks to my Landlord Eksteen.

Does anyone noticed sticker?? I really mean it..I am loving it..

Take care and be happy…

Signing off,



“Hi! My name is Hitesh Dave and I live in UK. I work for GSK, currently serving as a PULSE Volunteer with [Project Hope UK], however the opinions you read from me here are totally my own.” 


  1. Hi Hitesh. I love the pictures of your journey. It really brings your assignment to life. Keep up the great work. Maryanne:)

  2. Lovely blog, thank you Hitesh. Your family must be so proud of you! The scooter suits you well 🙂 keep up the good work, lookig forward to seeing you soon, Anette

  3. It’s great to see that you have settled in so well and so quickly. I think we should recommend that GSK introduces scooters for all PULSE ambassadors from now on – so much better for really breathing in the atmosphere of your assignment location. Paul

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