London A to Z


F is for “Farringdon” and “Food”,
and the two seem to go hand-in-hand here; inside and outside the office. The area of Farringdon is becoming a little Foodie haven and I’ve been able to sample delights from around the globe.  Not quite enough for its own alphabet challenge but definitely spanning a broad varieties of Fare, from France to Turkey to Japan.
Inside the office continues to be a non-stop cookies-and-cakes-Fest, with Fodder seemingly obligatory for all team meetings.

F is also for “Five”, which is the number of weeks I have now been working For Save the Children.  I can’t believe how quickly time is Flying. (Needless to say, the team’s Favourite biscuits were purchased to celebrate the Four week / 1 month anniversary.)
I continue to learn something new every day, Finding out more about the different strands of the Partnership and also the Field of monitoring and evaluation.  During the past week I drafted my First “Intervention Logic Model” from an “Intervention Logic Narrative” and even managed to explain it to someone else.  Particularly happy and proud of that one.  The model is way of checking that the logic Follows through; i.e. if planned activities are Fulfilled then the impact of them is as anticipated.  Here’s the “ladybird book” version; haven’t graduated to secondary school level just yet:

Logic model

Finally, F is for “Five hundred and sixty seven”, which is the total number of PULSE volunteers that have now been assigned since the programme began in 2009.  We have come from Fifty seven countries and have been working for 103 non-profit organisations.  For Further Facts and Figures (thank you PULSE team – the announcement is a gift this week !), please go to the volunteering website.
Also, while you’re looking at this blog, take Five minutes more to read some of the others and learn what is happening around the world.

Feel Free to join the Fun with the “comments” Feature to the blog, I’m enjoying your Feedback.  Farewell for now.