Power shower

Here’s comes the rain again….it had just started to spit before leaving the office today, and then developed into a bit of a power shower, so I grabbed a bit of footage. I now see how quickly it can flood here…






Speak soon, Alli 🙂









  1. Just wait until the next typhoon. You haven’t seen anything yet. Isn’t it amazing how resilient the Philipino people are? I could not even imagine bracing for 50 plus typhoons a year.

  2. Alli,
    I have just read all your blogs from #1 and love each one, you should consider a new side-career as a journalist or at least ongoing blog author!!
    Enjoy those flip flop days in the storms, ha, they are probably better than wellies which would fill up 🙂
    Take care and keep right on smiling

  3. Hey Al just catching up on your blogs ( just back from Greece) – so great to hear your journey ( you blog so well it’s as if you are physically speaking to us!). Keep well me ole mate – thinking of you xx Fi

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