London A to Z


E is for “Evaluation”,
which is part of my job title, “Monitoring and Evaluation Fellow” and curiously enough this week, I was introduced to the “3Es” – what are the chances of that ?  This stands for:
Economy” – careful use of resources,
Efficiency” – getting the maximum from a given input,
Effectiveness” – delivering a successful outcome and meeting objectives as fully as possible,
and on a good day can include a forth E,
Equity” – delivering resources in a fair way to all.
As well as some project management work, I’m going to be involved in Evaluating data from the partnership to see how it is progressing against its goals.  Part of that assessment will be to look at how it has used its resources. We need good Evidence to base this on, so that we know that Each aspect is delivering what is Expected and we can determine which are the most Efficient for future consideration.  I’ll let you know more when I’ve been Educated further.

Last week I wrote about keeping things in perspective and I had my own personal Experience of that during the week.  During the day I was at GSK House and from the Elevated heights of the 12th floor, on the opposite building was an advertising board which kept flashing up a “Message 2 London”.  (These are short messages written by celebrities to residents and visitors to London.)  I chuckled to myself that it was conveniently, (for this week’s blog), attributed to Idris Elba.  His message was:
“Don’t moan if your diamond shoes are pinching.  You’re alive.”
I remembered this message a few hours later when my train home terminated 4 stops / 15 miles Early.  Luckily my husband works fairly close by and was able to pick me up, so not such a big drama and I Escaped an Epic delay in getting home … so looking for the positives, it gave me the opportunity to get a little Extra Exercise as I had to walk a little bit further than normal and it did result in a lot more Exchange between fellow commuters the next morning.


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