Kickstarting..Prepping ….

My first Pulse week has been kick started and I was briefed with Project requirement by Chief Executive of ARTH Mr. Sharad Iyengar.

With the so called “ steep increase” in health facility of Rajasthan, the most maternal complications occur around the delivery. The maternal deaths which previously occurred at home, now increasingly occur in health facility or during transport from one health facility to another health facility. The poor quality of emergency services in Rajasthan inviting frequent unexpected maternal deaths and some has triggered violence by Family and community members leading to Hospital services disruption and damage to the Public Property but the most agonizing part is the Mortality associated.

When the women were referred from a primary healthcare Center (which is often desolated) to higher level facility, several families could not go to the Hospital as they had not been provided Transport and being extremely poor they are skeptical about the expenditure would be after admission in higher health facility. Many women die while being transported for referral as often managing a vehicle at the time of emergency is really herculean task for those who are economically backward areas.

Many times vehicle is available at peripheral health facility but often not readily available which increase the waiting time at the most critical time. Delays can be occurred from several other reason also e.g. Doctors are not prepared, the family members are not known to the surroundings, they might have to rush to buy life saving medicines. These rural families often unaware of location of various departments within the health facility which adds to further delays. Since In India major cause of maternal death is hemorrhage and severe anemia- both the condition require blood transfusion- not being able to arrange blood within the emergency timeline further contribute to maternal mortality in referral Health facility.

There is a weak referral system continues to contribute in high level maternal mortality in Rajasthan. Sometimes corrupt Officials and paramedic staff are asking money at the time of emergency to this economically drained populations which often resulting the delay or sometimes Family members refuse to continue the treatment.

The situation is really heinous and grim and therefore ARTH is establishing a 24*7 Toll free helpline to improve the quality of referral system as well as the periodic healthcare quality visits to the Primary health facility,community healthcare Facility. My Job is to make this 24*7 helpline popular, accessible to all the Needy ones. I am also responsible for the optimization of resources available for this Entire Project.

“Easy” is a word not easily spoken among the poor? Things are hard — the times are hard. Being poor is anything but easy in this country and I Firmly believe that My intervention and grit helps the thousands of family to save the precious lives….

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

To be continued…


  1. Good luck on your life changing adventure. I look forward to following your blog. I am in the Philippines for my Pulse assignment:)

  2. Blog is shaping up in a good way sir.Facts and happenings there looks disturbing . Im sure your presence will help the facility to get popularised .Im glad and blessed to have to known and worked under you.

    Looking forward to help you in case if you want.

  3. Look forward to hearing how your assignment unfolds Kuldeep – you will do a great job of it I’m sure…good luck!

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