July 18


Hot bath, cold shower….

My first week at Save the Children has been like getting into a hot bath…easing myself in gently and slowly acclimatising. I was very warmly welcomed and introduced to everyone in the building by Aiza from HR , then shown to my desk –  I share with Beth, the Education Director. Once I’d set up my laptop, I was soon connected to their e-mail system.


“chocks away!”











Shortly after, I met my line manager, Dr Parawan, who introduced me to everyone in the building – it’s going to take a few rounds before I get to grips with names and roles!


Round 2


After lunch, we discussed my assignment and objectives. It comprises of a list of wide ranging projects and activities with the Health program, specifically, Maternal, Newborn, and Reproductive Health (MNRH), nutrition and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene).

One of my tasks will be to carry out some research into the use of birth plans and produce a case study for the team. Currently there is no data to understand how birth plans are being implemented, and if not, the reasons why.

I will also be involved in at least two other projects, one on Maternal and Child Health supported by Johnson & Johnson in Metro Manila and another funded by GSK UK in Koronadal, Mindanao, to train local health service providers and community volunteer workers, with the aim to decrease maternal and infant mortality.

The work will be 60% office based around Makati City and 40% field based in Save the Children impact areas. Manila and Caloocan City are two of the most densely populated urban cities in Metro Manila. Visiting these areas will make my Sunday stroll last week seem like a walk in the park..

Next week I have my two day Global Induction where I’ll learn much more about Save – the Vision, Mission, Values, History, Organisational Structure etc…which will help me connect the dots a little more, before I enter the cold shower of my assignment!




Next stop…”Soaring High for Hi5”. Speak soon, Alli 🙂