100 million clients!

That´s the incredible number of clients Marie Stopes International has served so far, which was recently celebrated in the London headquarter and its 37 subsidiaries around the world! Marie Stopes International is driven by a vision of a world where every birth is wanted and where women have children by choice, not chance. Therefore they provide sexual and reproductive healthcare to millions of underserved women around the world. And I will have the great chance during my GSK PULSE volunteer assignment to contribute to this vision and help to reach as many clients as possible! Have a look at the great work Marie Stopes International is doing around the Globe:


My PULSE assignment started four weeks ago in the Global Marketing Team in London and after three months it will continue with the local team in Ghana. I am supporting Marie Stopes International with my skills in the field of social marketing, with a focus on product launches and product information material.

My first weeks were filled with getting to know all the passionate people who work at Marie Stopes International, having induction meetings and writing project charters around my projects. This week I already had my first skype calls with developing countries and I start to understand how complex and diverse the work within global marketing is – there is never a “one solution fits it all”!

I am excited what the next weeks will bring – I´ll keep you updated on my PULSE journey soon! 🙂


Foto 2


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