There is more than meets the eye

2015-07-06 11.22.42
So here I am on my journey helping to vaccinate kids in Mozambique. Today the stop is in Matola, a little satellite city of Maputo (capital of Mozambique). We went on the 6th of July to train MOH officers on how to upload data  on a web-based monitoring and reporting platform that can upload data in an offline mode.  The idea is to shorten the time taken during data collection at the health centres (stocks, wastage/write offs, inventories, replenishment, consumption) and the time it becomes available for analysis and root causing.  This training was given to officers of the immunisation program of the MOH. These officers have also been previously trained on basics of stock management, frequency of replenishment and cold chain.
There is been a massive shift on the ways of working with the MOH with whom VillageReach works closely. The MOH – Immunisation program is now receiving a monthly logistics performance report addressing information of inmunisation programme KPIs and uses it to hold a  monthly review meeting to discuss about strategies on needed improvements…