July 16


The Unmissable Municipal Market of Suva Fiji

This facinating place is the beating heart of Suva and a wonderful area to explore any day of the week. Watch your back though, the lanes are owned by the barrow boys who deliver their goods at high speed and determination. I spent an eye opening, jaw dropping morning wandering from beautiful buckets of tropical flowers to proudly displayed heaps of jack fruits, paw paw and pineapples, just to mention a few. Behind each individual stall was a beaming smile and cries of “Bula”. Turn the corner and bang I felt like I was in another world, fish of all shapes and sizes, creatures I’ve never seen before. Huge tuna with glistening skin and shiny fresh eyes, crabs layered and bound with raffia to stop their pinching claws and mounds of clams being constantly sprayed with cold water to keep them fresh, neighboured by octopus sat with legs akimbo! A busy, buzzing hive of activity, an experience I will definately want again and again, really can’t wait to go shopping for my dinner!

Fab fish!

Great display!

Great display!