It was a very busy weeks, many things to do, many stuff to learn. The best part of my arrival was meeting the team, they are young and full of energy, they really want to the the best for the people. Before I came here, I admired already Cervicusco but after know all the project, I admire them more.
Wednesday 8th, we went to Colquemarca, to be there we had to wake up at 3am and drive 5 hours in a very difficult road between the Andes. We started the campaign at 8:30, without having breakfast and in a little clinic that had de temperature of a freezer. Another volunteer from Georgia’s University and me, did 154 clinic histories, the doctors did the same number of PAPs. I am not sure which was the most difficult part: wake up at 3am, the road, work without food in my stomach, work in a freezer for many hours, interview a lot of women who speak just Quechua or come back to Cusco when we were ready. It was a really tired day BUT THE BEST PART OF ALL, was helping to diagnose a disease that have solution when it is on time to treat.
Until now, I love my job, my goal it’s searching sponsors and make a commitment from Peru enterprises with Cervicusco. That’s the big job I have, but I know that sometimes Cervicusco need hands to do clinical histories, so I can do that too. I enjoy these part, because I have the opportunity to know the way of life from people here. Sometimes it is not easy, because some histories are too hard to listen, some women have a really difficult life and, the worst part is that many of them, are dying and they don’t know why.
I really have hope to do something big here, I really want to help and I have a big commitment with the people from Cervicusco.


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