First thoughts on new journey

Hi Readers

Its been three of weeks since I started to work in Mozambique. So far so good, finishing with my induction and writing my development plan. There are massive challenges here that impact the social outcomes and development of Mozambicans. In the current project that I working on is around inmunization in hard to reach communities. The NGO I am working with monitors the quality of the logistic help provide to that health workers working in remote areas. The lack of funding and logistic platforms mean that often these health workers have to close the health centers to go themselves to pick up the vaccines, having to pay out of their pocket for transportation, as a result mothers would walk for 20km with a baby on their backs to find a health facility that is closed and as a result they would never be back. There is a lot of advocacy work needed to portray this reality to the international development agents, healthcare companies and governments.

At the same time, I see a lot of young Mozambicans working hard to become the leaders that can enable change. That is happening as we speak. I hope the work I am doing here will be the first stop of climbing the Kilimanjaro.p4