July 14


It’s all worthwhile…….

IMG_0880As if I thought I started my assignment off in a very exciting way at a parliamentary reception at the House of Commons, I finished my first week in a just as exciting way, by attending the British Gynaecological Cancer Society (BGCS) conference in Newcastle! What an opportunity to get to meet in person some of the Cancer Nurse Specialists (CNS) I will be working with during my assignment, as one of my projects focuses on developing a strategy to increase the reach and support we offer to CNSs at key cancer centres across the UK.

In the comfort of our offices and desks we don’t often think of the crucial role these nurses play when giving care and support to the thousands of people who each year get diagnosed with cancer, and seeing their appreciation to the relentless work charities like Target Ovarian Cancer do to help makes it all the more worthwhile……………………yes, even the commute on the London underground at rush hour, when you feel like an ant or a sardine, depending on whether you are walking between stations on squeezing yourself into a train!

I feel so privileged to have been given the opportunity to work on a PULSE assignment and reading all the stories from other PULSE volunteers and the difference we are all making to the charities and NGOs we support makes me an even an even more enthusiastic GSK ambassador!

Stay tuned, I feel this assignment will throw quite a lot at me so will be sharing the highs and the lows (I’m sure there will be some) of the work I will be doing for Target Ovarian Cancer’s cause of ‘working  to save lives and help women diagnosed live their lives to the full, wherever they are in the UK.’