And the expedition Starts….

“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”

The Jet Airways flight 9W-2633 Via Delhi to Udaipur is indeed a huge leap of faith in my life and career. I was flying into horizons, going to meet my aspirations. This is  the expedition for the greater altruistic work for my internal satisfaction. The great desire of doing altruistic work which was always lying in a corner is now comes on main porch and ready to spread wings.

Udaipur is a very beautiful location and full of beautiful lakes and full of five and seven star properties. The history of Udaipur is a rich and charming tapestry of lakeside palaces, forts, temples and gardens which reflect the varied influences of centuries past. The erstwhile capital of the Kingdom of Mewar, the city was founded in 1553 by Maharana Udai Singh. From its magnificent palaces to its vibrant bazaars, the city is the apogee of romantic and alluring Rajasthan.

Beside shimmering Lake Pichola,I got my stay at “Jaiwana Haveli” for the first night.The Hotel was decent and the major feature is the restaurant which is on the open terrace facing magnificent view of Lake Pichola and the ochre and purple ridges of the wooded Aravalli Hills. While having my breakfast tea on the terrace, I was contemplating that how much social and economic inequality is here. On one hand there is seven and five star hotels and on other hand there are no proper basic healthcare facilities. Indeed Its very expensive to be poor in this country.The list of hardships could go on for several more columns, but you get the point: Being poor is anything but easy.

I was  prepping my mind to get in to new assigned opportunity to explore my learning and learn new things.Its really gonna be a thrilling test of my grit and wit.

To be continued…….


  1. I have enjoyed reading this and many other PULSE blogs. What strikes me very strongly is that so many people have talked about inequality, huge differences in access to resources between communities. I work towards a world where this is no longer the case.

  2. All the best Kuldeep! I have been to Udaipur and your blog made me travel again. I hope you will be able to enjoy & make a difference to the community during the next few months. Best, Manu Juneja

  3. Good luck Kuldeep. I look forward to following your adventure. My Pulse assignment in the Philippines began about a month ago. It’s a life changing experience.

  4. All the Best Kuldeep! Udaipur sure is a royal place and I am sure your stay there will be fulfilling! Padharo Mhare Desh! 🙂
    All the best!

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