HOME is where the anchor drops…

…this was written on a card my friends gave to me when I left Hamburg and they were right: I dropped my anchor for the next three months in London and it feels already a bit like a new home to me! There are many things I like my new home for:

My new team at Marie Stopes International is a big part of making me feel like home in London. The office is nicely located right in the city center. At my first day they welcomed me with introduction sessions where I learned a lot about the organization and the Marketing projects. I was quite impressed how many projects a small team can handle! We also had lunch together and went to a French place, where I ate Quiche and salad – even though this is no typical British food it is still typical for London – you can buy international food at every corner!

Another important thing of feeling at home is my new apartment: it is in a perfect location, just 30 minutes away from work with the tube. The area has nice cafes and restaurants, a shopping mall, and even a big park is close: Hyde Park! The apartment is nice, but really small, as probably most apartments in London, since London is really the most expensive city I´ve ever been to!

Foto 1

I also discovered that my flat is located not far away from the tennis courts in Hyde Park. The British obviously love Tennis as much as I do. They have tennis courts placed all over the parks in London and I already played a couple of times in so called “Drop-in Sessions”. Recently I queued up for Wimbledon, this seems to be an essential part of British culture – people even camp over night to get a ticket! I was really lucky to get a resale ticket to watch a half game of Serena Williams 🙂


And finally my GSK network in London helped me to feel at home right from the start: I went to the GSK house in my first week, met my PULSE Senior Mentor, the PULSE team and met and texted with my PULSE alumni buddies – it is great to come to a new city and having a support network from the first day on!

So I´ve settled in London, now the projects of my PULSE assignment are starting to progress quickly – read more about it on my next blog!



  1. I am so happy that you are feeling settled and at home in London! I am super jealous that you were able to see Serena! I have been to the Australia Open, but still not the same as Wimbledon! I am so proud of you for adjusting and progressing forward in such a short time! I love being your PULSE alum buddy and following your journey!! Work hard, but have fun!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I wish you great luck on your adventure. I have been in the Philippines about a month now. You are write. Once settled in a place, it begins to feel like home:)

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