Jambo Jimbo in Nairobi

All Change for Nairobi

Did I mention that PULSE is an adventure? I’m sure I must have mentioned it in my first blog. Anyway, an adventure usually occurs when events don’t quite take the path you had predicted, and so it begins….

The plan is for me to support Save The Children(STC) on their Signature Programme in Bungoma County, however it has transpired that for various reasons GSK or STC may not be able to obtain a full visa immediately for me. This means, in the short term, that I will need to redirect my efforts to a subject closer to home…….

Chlorhexidine Gel

Dermatologicals team , this one is for you. Save The Children are desperate to get Chlorhexidine Gel, newly developed at the GSK Barnard Castle site, to babies in Bungoma, Kenya. Sepsis, often caused by umbilical cord infections, is one of the main causes of death in newborns in the developing world – it claims around 600,000 lives every year. Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that has been shown to prevent infection when applied to the umbilical cord stump.

Save The Children are working to save those lives – and so are you in Derms ! You will really able to say “we saved lives today” when you go home after a day working on Chlorhexidine gel. And every day counts whilst Save The Children await their first consignment. This article gives you more details about it.

Finding new ways to give mothers and newborns a healthier start | GSK: To challenge. To change | The Guardian

In recent years the phrase “End to End Supply Chain” has been coined to describe our accountability as a supplier. Having come from the manufacturing site at Barnard Castle, Save The Children have asked me to assist them (and GSK Kenya) in the distribution and supply chain once the goods are received here in Kenya.

So, now, I am truly going to be working “End to End” on this supply chain, helping to save lives.

Of course, whilst the UK has been basking in record July temperatures, the Nairobi winter is cool and wet. There’s been no need to worry about sunburn. My office in Nairobi (yes, that is rain) :-

20150706_131508 20150706_152218

You only need a shipping container to create a business …..




  1. Hey Jambo Jimbo. You have no idea just how hard it is to create a set of circumstances which has you in Bungoma on the day that CHX Gel arrives 🙂 The planning started 2 years ago!!!!! Well either that, or it was pure luck! Hope that you get all that visa stuff sorted quickly and you can be there to finish the supply chain that you helped create at BC – what an incredible story that will be. Well done Old ‘Un! And keep smiling 🙂 Cheers, Phil

  2. Good one JJ. Unleash your talent and skills to make the desired change and bring back the needed change. I will be following your blog and making my contributions that will help shape your assignment.
    Best of luck.

  3. Jim, nice story. were you able to reach out to Mizanul who was last year where you are now. martin

  4. Hi Jim,
    Glad you are having a great adventure!
    Sorry to hear about some of the ongoing Visa frustrations.
    Take care, love from us all
    Campbell (Brother)

  5. Hi Jim, it’s great to see that you’ve already started your Pulse journey… and to hear that’s it’s already a big adventure. I’m off in two weeks… keep in touch. M

  6. ..Jim, continue to keep us connected & informed on the adventures and successes. Your skills set in supply chain will be handy in this project.

  7. I really liked the SC Nairobi office, it gives feel why they are working……..child image is very compelling..

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