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C is for “Children” – it had to be, didn’t it ?

The GSK and Save the Children partnership enables us to work together Collaboratively, to accelerate the availability of life-saving medicines designed especially for Children. One of the Causes of deaths in newborns in poorer Countries is sepsis – blood poisoning – which can enter a baby’s system when the umbilical Cord is Cut.  This could be through the use of non-sterile instruments or perhaps as a result of Cultural practices inappropriate materials, such as oils, mud or even dung.  GSK scientists are using their expertise to reformulate an antiseptic ingredient, Chlorhexidine, currently used in mouthwash into a gel for newborn babies.  It can prevent infection when it is applied to freshly cut umbilical cords.  Availability of this medicine, education in its use and trained healthcare professionals will all Contribute to helping to save Children’s lives.

This development work is being managed within the R&D “workstream”.  The partnership is working on a number of different interventions; each led by a different workstream.  That leads me nicely to the Completion of my first piece of “real” work.  Every workstream has a number of milestones to achieve which will enable us to Confirm the overall progress of the partnership towards the goal of helping to save 1 million Children’s lives.  One of my roles is to manage milestone updates with workstream leaders through to the end of the year.  Between Thursday and this morning I have been interpreting the new information and updating Charts accordingly to Communicate to the wider partnership team.

C is also for Changeover.  Julian, the previous PULSE volunteer for this assignment had his last day in Farringdon on Friday, so today was my first day “flying solo”.  My thanks to Julian for the time he spent handing over to me.

You may be Comforted to read that I’m keeping today’s Contribution Concise, so Ciao for now.