First Lima experiences


Yesterday, on the finish of my induction week at Save the Children (not the whole week indeed as there was Saint Peter and Paul Holiday on Monday) I had a chance to visit one of the places where the projects coordinated by SC staff become reality. Villa El Salvador is southernmost district of Lima and due to its location on sandy area, houses built from inadequate materials with no appropriate technical assistance and high population density is a region especially vulnerable to the effects of earthquake and resulting tsunami in seismically unstable Lima agglomeration. Project ARRIBA (Apoyo a la Reducción de Riesgos en Barrios de Lima – Support to Reduce Risks in Lima’s Districts) was launched to respond to the risks of natural disasters by terrain and buildings evaluation, education on the proper construction materials and techniques and preparation of recovery plans. Execution of this project financed by USAID was possible due to involvement of local community authorities and also engagement of earthquake specialist from Japan who helped to adapt appropriate measures. Great work of SC staff on coordination of ARRIBA iniciative was recognized and summarized on closing ceremony in Villa El Salvador with the participation of local community members. My first exciting week at SC is coming to an end with one more local success – Peruvian football team has won third place in Copa America !


  1. Great work. Congratulations on getting started. I am working at Save the Children in the Philippines for almost a month:)

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