July 03


Same Same But different

“Same Same But different”, a saying many will recognise if you have travelled to Thailand. I had my first ‘same same but different’ realisation on day 2 with CHAI, when arriving at the Federal Ministry of Health. My manager and I crammed into the already overpacked lift on the ground floor. Next thing I notice is a lady becoming irate that someone has pushed the 1st floor button, as the door opens on the 1st floor someone sheepishly gets out as by now the whole lift are verbally scolding whoever dared take the lift from G to 1.

For those I work with in GSK House, will know this too happens when someone is too ‘lazy’ to walk up 1 flight of stairs. However, the difference is in London we may murmur a tut at most but would never be brave enough to actually say anything!

As the door closed on this woman there was then further discussion, as a defence was made that perhaps she had come down from the 11th floor and meant to stop at the 1st but the button wasn’t pressed, so next thing she knows she’s on G and needed to go back up to 1! For me an indication of how honest and generous the Nigerian people are.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone back in London is surviving the heat wave.