July 02


Time to chill…a big relief!

It’s hard to believe I’m at this point in my PULSE journey. It seems like an age ago since I was completing my application form, wondering if I’d get through to the next round. Now I am trying to get my head round being in the Philippines in less than a week….

A question I was asked during my PULSE interview regarding an international assignment was “is there any where in the world you would not want to go to”. I replied “no…as long as I have access to a fridge”. This is not for my 6 pack :). My requirement for a fridge is for insulin as it can become less effective at high temperatures, so I had slight anxieties about this.

Insulin is available in the Philippines, but not what I use – I’m on a pump and love it – therefore it’s not staying at home.  I decided to take the whole lot with me – enough for 7 months, plus spares, plus insulin pens as a backup, plus spares….to be on the safe side.

If I have no fridge, then I have to keep all this….



in this……


...’even smaller when it’s cooler’ cool pouch

…an ’even smaller when it’s cooler’ cool pouch

I needn’t have worried. Photos of our apartment arrived in my inbox and one (in the blog photo) particularly caught my eye…a fridge beyond my wildest dreams!

A big relief! My insulin will be chilled and so will I… but it got me thinking how very lucky I am. I’ve always appreciated the fabulous care and support I’ve received over the years from the NHS and my healthcare team. They have helped me keep my diabetes in check so I am able to live a normal life. I am fit and healthy and able to contribute to society.

I wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t have that care, support, accessible medicine and supplies that I need to keep going. It doesn’t bear thinking about, but that’s the story for so many people across the globe. I would love to help change that. A massive task, but every little helps….

Before I embark on the next stage of my journey,  a huge, bear hugging thanks to my family, friends and colleagues for their support and encouragement…and belief in me, for my upcoming challenge – I am very touched…and a tad emotional….

2015-07-01 16.14.32



Next stop….the Philippines! Speak soon, Alli 🙂