July 01


Fiji first day at work!

After sitting on a plane then a bus for 16 hours to get here boy am I gonna make the most of it! I arrived bright and early (GSK time) and was greeted with “Bula Miss Jan” handed a cup of coffee and encouraged to relax and slip gently into Fiji time, rather difficult for someone who goes about life mimicking Usane Bolt! I sat down and observed the gentle, soft, calm manner of these lovely people. This moment I will never forget, it allowed me time to reflect and remind myself just how I came to be here. I have a very special emotional reason for going on my Pulse journey, my much loved late husband Pete Brown. I took a deep breath and embraced this new and very different environment I was going to be part of and thought “I will use this experience to enhance my life and help me travel on”.

This world is literally miles away from anything, I felt like I had gone back in time, concrete floors, old benches to sit on, furniture which could have been sold on the antiques road show, despite all that, these people smiled, laugh and were very polite and extremely grateful for what they had! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.!