June 29


Thinking of you Mam-Maw!


Mam-Maw, as we affectionately called my grandmother, was as many grandmothers, a feeder.  She always wanted to feed me, my brother and cousin something.  Whether it be the lunch or dinner of southern classics like pinto beans, black-eyed peas, creamed corn or greens, or the treat of banana pudding or coconut cake, she wanted to feed us.  Her serving portion sizes were enormous and things of legend in our family.   She could not bear the thought of her boys being hungry.  She really couldn’t bear the thought of anyone that passed through her door being hungry.  All that came to her table were treated with love and heaping helpings of good food.

I find myself thinking of her on this first day of my PULSE assignment with Stop Hunger Now.  I think of the over 800 million people in the world who don’t have enough to eat and how that would break her heart.  Knowing that there are children who don’t have enough and suffer as a result of malnutrition would move her deeply.

I now have the opportunity to do something very hands on and proactive to make a difference in the fight against world hunger through my assignment.  I am excited for the new challenge and the mission for which I will now work for the next six months.  I know Mam-Maw would be pleased that I am doing something so worthwhile and am working to make a difference for those in need of food.  Many thanks to GSK and the Audit & Assurance organisation for making this possible and allowing me to serve in a way that I believe would make Mam-Maw proud!