London A to Z


B is for “Blue Boat” and “Banksy”, but more of those later.

Week one completed and so the weekend was a time of reflection. What has made the greatest impression on me ? I think it is probably the Beautiful photographs all around the Farringdon offices with the campaign words:

“No child born to die”

… and that’s why I’m here. That’s why everyone is here. Too many children in the world are still dying from preventable diseases.  That’s why the GSK-Save the Children partnership has the goal of helping to save 1 million children’s lives.

The week Before I started my placement was “Orange United” week at GSK. It’s a global event, designed to get staff engaged with the partnership, raise funds for vital healthcare projects around the world and have some fun while we do it. My department had a Big Bake sale and you can see the results of that in the photo. Well done to everyone who Baked, Bought and Bolted all the cakes – I’ll give you more information over the coming weeks on where the money is going and the difference it is making.

2015_06 GRA big bake

I’m still coming to grips with what my deliverables are over the next 6 months, but I’m also hoping to be of general help to the team that I have joined. With that in mind, as soon possible I will be a guinea pig for a set of IT system training materials developed by Brian, one of my new colleagues. (Real name I hasten to add, not made up for convenience this week’s Blog).

… and now on to some unexpected things I have noticed … this time on my walk to and from work – which I wouldn’t have seen if I’d taken the tube. Firstly I was surprised to spot my first real life “Banksy”

IMG_0368   Secondly, there are Blue Boats around the city; upturned Boats sheltering acoustic guitars for anyone to play. They’re generally empty in the mornings, but by the evening someone has usually picked up the guitar inside them and is happily strumming away. I could tell you that I’ve just seen a Blue Boat Bursting with Bankers in Broadgate, but perhaps that’s taking this a little too far.


Finally, I’ll leave you with apologies – no Boris Bike opportunities in the first week !