June 28


Ben and Betsy Agree Eat Healthy

A week has gone by and I am learning how to Eat Healthy with The Food Trust.  This NGO is the complete package of support.  Their mission- everyone should have access to healthy food- how do they do it? with programs such as a National Campaign for Healthy Food Access,Policy and Government Affairs, 30 Farmers’ Markets, Healthy Corner Store program,Nutrition and Educationprograms such as School Breakfast, Philly Food Bucks, Project P.E.A.C.H cooking /eduction demonstrations at Farmers’ Markets and Consulting with Medical Community on Healthy Eating.

I will be working with the Consulting Team supporting and developing new projects.  Last week I was able to see first hand food demonstration at Clark Park Farmers’ Market ( has 16 year history serving community with local fruits and vegetables). It was fantastic!  the P.E.A.C.H team engaged the public and educated themon how important Fiber is to you diet.  All attendees were given $2.00 Philly Food Buck to purchase fruits and vegetables right there!

As I say “What would Ben and Betsy Do”  They would eat their fruits and vegetables! – yes Kale was around during their time!  Try this recipe provided by The Food Trust Chef:= hint- let it sit overnight – YUM!Kale Salad