June 24


Campaigning in Parliament: a very good place to start

What an amazing way to ‘unofficially’ start my PULSE assignment with TargetTOC 23 June 2015 Ovarian Cancer and, even better, my very first blog! I know, I’m a communicator so should be used to blogging, posting, tweeting……reality is, I’m not! I am a people person, I love the direct interaction, seeing people’s expressions, reactions and hear their tone of voice. But PULSE is too big opportunity to miss the chance to share around the world what an amazing programme it is and what a difference us volunteers can make.

My motivation grew even bigger yesterday, when I joined the Target Ovarian Cancer team hosting a Parliamentary reception at the House of Commons for patients and their families and friends, MPs, representatives from NHS England, researchers, healthcare professionals and supporters of Target Ovarian Cancer.

What a rollercoaster of emotions that brought……listening to women currently undergoing treatment share their experience, hearing some of the government plans to support patients and access to care and learn more about the amazing work Target Ovarian Cancer does to support patients, train GPs and fund research.

This is what the campaign wasTOC 3 about: ending the ‘postcode lottery’ which gives patients a different level of care, support and access to clinical trials depending on where they live in the UK as well as calling on all MPs to join the ‘All Party Parliamentary Group’ on ovarian cancer to help all those women currently undergoing treatment and the ones who will be diagnosed in the future.

So this is how I will start my new mini- adventure, feeling totally inspired and committed to help this amazing charity.

Stay tuned, a lot of support to help raising awareness is needed, so more updates to come! And to prove I am moving on with technology (I know, about 10 years too late!!!!) I have even posted my first tweets, so follow me @raffaaddis and follow @targetovarian. A special ‘thank you’ to my friend and former colleague Lesley @LAC999 for her patience in easing me into social media.