London A to Z


A is for “Accepted”.
I’ve been thinking about what wording to use – fortunate, honoured, privileged – all describe how I feed at being Accepted into the PULSE programme.
PULSE is a volunteering initiative where GSK staff can help non-profit organisations by using skills and expertise from their GSK role.
GSK and Save the Children have formed a strategic partnership, combining our expertise, resources and influence, to help save the lives of 1 million of the poorest children in the world. My Assignment is to continue the good work of previous volunteers, to embed a framework that will measure and evaluate the effectiveness of this partnership.

The Aim of this blog is provide you with a little information about me, a lot of information about GSK’s PULSE volunteer scheme and even more about the GSK-Save the Children partnership and my placement supporting it over the next 6 months.

First a little about me: over the coming months you will learn that I am a self-confessed “list queen”. This is because I can be a little Absent-minded due to my, at times, goldfish-like memory. Consequently I write everything down in lists ! I currently have a huge list of questions for Julian, who has been on this placement for the first half of the year and is now handing over to me. As a result of day 1, (today), I now have the start of a list of Actions for the coming weeks. More about those in future blogs.
I can also take a hint as well as the next person. During a team meeting with my new Save the Children team, before the placement started, the team’s favourite biscuits were discussed as an “icebreaker” activity. These were duly noted, Acquired and then left at home this morning in my excitement to get to the train station. Sorry team – I will Attempt to do better tomorrow – must write a list of what to take in …

Now on to the commute into London. I have promised myself a couple of things; to try to walk to the Farringdon office rather than catch the tube and also not to complain about the trains. This morning I left home in lovely sunshine, but Alighted at Liverpool Street station in rain. Would I fail at the first hurdle and resort to the tube instead of the 1 mile walk ? You’ll be happy and proud to hear that I didn’t, thereby Achieving 1 goal, i.e. Avoiding the underground.

The more Attentive will have noticed that A is also for a number of other things that I’ve managed to string together. The Author promises to try her best and not to be too tenuous with these links and use of the Alphabet. With that, I will finish with “Adieu”.