June 21


Rwanda Bound!

Leaving Chicago!

Leaving Chicago!

June 21, 2015

It’s a cool June day in downtown Chicago and I’ve taken my malaria medicine. I’m finally packed and have downloaded enough books and movies to survive the 14 hour leg to Qatar and the 7 hour leg to Rwanda. The 14 hour layover in Qatar will be a relief!

I’m strangely calm, probably because I’ve been immersed in work until this minute, but also because the PULSE training staff has helped me anticipate the realities and context of this immersion experience.  I have also had the benefit of a few telecons with my GSK and NGO PULSE partners in Africa and can’t wait to finally meet and speak with them without the marvels of teleconferencing!  The project?  Help the Ministry of Health set the stage for Rwandan clinicians to participate as investigators in clinical studies sponsored by US study sponsors.

After a week that featured the Stanley Cup Champion’s parade, reunions with family, parties with friends plus my PDP review, I am ready for something really different. Many thanks to my enlightened management whose support made this possible.

The Sears Tower is what I see looking out of my home office window in Chicago. In Rwanda……stay tuned!