June 18


Do you have a Goal in your life?

Do you know what make life different? The answer is goal setting.

Hany Hamed ElSheshtawy 3

I read about  a famous Harvard business school story. They evaluated a group of students in college, and then re-evaluated them 10 years later. The study found out that the students who had been the most successful in life weren’t the ones who had achieved the highest grades. They were the ones who had specific goals, 10 years ago.

You can see that the big difference between successful people and unsuccessful people. Successful people have their goals in mind. They know where they want to go and finally they get there. So you need to start with a target, a destination, a goal.

You may ask me: “How to achieve goals? It is easier said than done.” You are right. Many people fail not because they don’t have goals, they fail because they haven’t achieved their goals, giving up during the journey. There is a long road from goal to success.

Don’t worry. I will be here to help you achieve your goals more easily. Not only to set your goals properly, but also to achieve them finally. You will achieve goal setting success in the end. Trust you! 😉