June 17


Tropic of Cambridge

I’m learning a lot about the Philippines – it will soon be my new home soon for the next 6 months so I’ve been preparing myself as much as possible. However much I do, it will never be enough – and I’m ok with that, but every little helps.

I’m trying to learn a bit of the language – the basics – ‘hello, how are you?’ and ‘I don’t understand’. I’ve moved on to numbers and can confidently count to 10, which will be useful when trying to haggle the taxi fare – I’ve heard it can be stressful. Thankfully I already know how to take deep breaths!

The Philippines has a tropical climate. It will be hot, humid and rainy when I arrive – and in the middle of typhoon season. My colleague at the CUC, Marco from Mindanao in the Philippines gave me a great tip for acclimatising – right here in Cambridge. Visit the tropical plant house in the Botanical Gardens – it reminds him of home! So this is what I did (blog photo) but I think I need a few more sessions….

....3 mins later

….3 mins later

My room mate and fellow PULSEer, Maryanne is already out there and has started her assignment, so it’s great to hear how it’s going. We also have our apartment sorted which is great news, so really looking forward to getting there now! http://gskpulsevohttps://gskpulsevolunteers.com/2015/06/17/save-the-children-here-i-am-to-be-the-change/lunteers.com/2015/06/17/save-the-children-here-i-am-to-be-the-change/

3 WEEKS TO GO!! Deep breaths, count to ten…isá, dalawá, tatló, apat, limá, anim, pita, waló, siyám, sampû….

Next stop..WASH before I go – more about my assignment..hopefully. Speak soon, Alli 🙂