Dream BIG

Now my PULSE adventure is going to start soon and for final preparation the PULSE orientation workshop in London took place two weeks ago! Next to meeting many great people and learning about culture, development and the ADP tools, some discussions kept my special attention like…

…we will have an amazing time, a big dream and a great chance to have an impact in the world enabled by GSK and the NGOs!

…we should set expectations right from the start of what we are able to achieve during our 6 months assignment – since time will be short!

…we should write a journal – in order to memorize the great experience and development!

So I started with putting into practice those three aspects right away when I was waiting for my return flight in a small café in London Teddington…I bought a small journal (small = manage my own expectations about how much I am going to write), with the headline “dream big” and wrote my first few lines in it. So if I exceed my own expectations I´ll fill another one!;)

I am sure a lot of further entries in my journal will follow. During my assignment I will work in the marketing team with Marie Stopes International in the field of family planning. First I will be based in London for three months, then in Ghana for another three months. I am so excited to meet the team and can´t wait to start my assignment next week!

During the orientation workshop we also talked about how to thank our teams at home for taking over our work when we are gone. So even though I´ve done this in person, I would like to take this blog to officially thank my team again for letting me go and giving me this great opportunity! By the way: as a good bye present I received a couple of journals from my team and friends – so I think they want me to exceed my expectations about how much I am going to write!;)



Foto 4


  1. Love your first blog! I will say as your PULSE buddy that I am very proud of you already and can’t wait to read more about your adventures! As you know, Ghana has a special place in my heart and I look forward to your introduction into the country and the culture! You are on the right track already and you haven’t even started yet. Continue to dream big and be the change!!

  2. Great to hear that you bought a book for your journal before you even left Teddington! Can’t wait to hear more about your PULSE adventure Petra!

  3. finally the dream comes true… and already in a couple of hours 🙂
    keep your positive mood and let us know how your adventure proceeds. Enjoy all the new people, culture and impressions. All the best!

  4. Good luck Petra, I look forward to meeting you whilst you are in London before you go to Ghana

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