June 15


Ground Rush

“Ground rush” … the PULSE equivalent!
When talking to my mum about getting ready for PULSE she coined this phrase and I find myself using it over and over again when people ask me how preparations are going.
“Ground Rush” – a term used by Skydivers which describes the thrill during the last 500ft of descent as their perspective is overwhelmed by the ground speeding upward.
Although I have been preparing myself for this opportunity since January and have known concretely that I will be heading to Abuja, Nigeria for the last 2 months, nothing prepares you for the final countdown.
So here I am, visa sorted (what a relief!) and flights booked, with 2 weeks before departure lists are helping me enjoy the thrill and not become overwhelmed by the PULSE ground rush: what I need to do, what I need to buy, what I need to pack, what work I have to complete, what I have to handover, it goes on and on. And all the while I am trying to spend time with my family and friends and most importantly rest (advice from my wise Dad) to make sure I arrive in-country raring to go as there will be a lot to take on.
Part of trying to achieve the above, my boyfriend and I headed up to the North of England to the Lake District to take some time out of London life and the madness of getting ready for my departure. Picture below of us climbing the ‘Catbells’.

All in all I am trying to enjoy the last couple of weeks. Huge thanks go to the PULSE team for their help in preparing us for this incredible opportunity – the training was fab and the guidance with relentless visa questions has been much appreciated! Thank you also to the PULSE Alumni and my PULSE buddy – talking with you all has made me so excited and realise this is possible!
I hope if you’re reading this you keep following my blog as I ‘deploy’ and figure out what the next 6months will entail!

Note: All comments and opinions written in this blog are entirely my own.