June 13


The send off to Rwanda

The support of a community is always a good thing when endeavoring on a new journey. One of the communities that people commonly look to is their local church. That’s how it is for me and my daughter. We were blessed at St. Matthews Methodist Church, by Pastor Lillian. She has been a pillar of support for us, and both my daughter and I really appreciate it. It is always nice to have an enthusiastic sending off.


Good friends are always there to support you, and I can happily say that my friends are some of the best. They have been nothing but positive and excited for me, and it has really helped me be confident. There have been not one but two send offs for me, and I am really happy that I was able to see everyone before I go. These people are my lifelong friends, and I really appreciate them and all that they have done for me.



June 11th, Biopharm had a celebration reception for my trip to Rwanda.   Being the third person from Biopharm to be a PULSE volunteer says a lot for the site.  I am so pleased to be able to represent GSK by using my skills to directly help with improving drug manufacturing in Rwanda.   I am excited to go to Rwanda but I am not excited about the 16 hour plane ride, but I will be able to catch up on watching movies during the flight!

 cakemm cake