Journey from PULSE to PULSATE



Notes to remember:-

1). This is my blog and I don’t write with keyboard; all words comes straight from my heart. and as you might know heart doesn’t understand any languages. so, If you don’t understand my English, it means you have never ever been to India and you don’t know any great Indians yet:-)

2). After reading these blogs, If you get addicted and fall in love with the writer….please blame yourself:-)

What is Pulse??

Pulse is my heartbeat…straight from my heart..

(a rhythmical throbbing of the arteries as blood is propelled through them…)-This is what actually happening with me since last August when I first time heard about GSK Pulse programme. Immediately I was very much impressed and read almost all the posts of past volunteers, watched videos from GSK leaders and trust me I was fully connected to it straight from the heart..

The support from Sir Andrew towards the welfare of the community, focus on patients and making us an effective catalysts to be a change in the world. Hats off to GSK’s senior leaders, Pulse team, NGOs for the work they doing on the ground level which directly changing and improving the lives of many people.

Before I go deep into blogging, from bottom of my heart I would like to thank my Manager Barry Reed for allowing me to be part of this programme and my all dept colleagues who are going to take care of my work on my behalf as they wont get any replacement in my absence. I would like to say big big thank you to My mentors and all my support-Meg, Malcolm, Jan, Richard, Jayshree, Clara, Julie, Dave, Global Pulse team, Pulse crew UK orientation-2015, Project hope UK and last but not the least is my motivation and my all-time support-MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

Me and My world to be changed:-

Name: Hitesh Dave

The first important key to make any sustainable change is to go with the flow...
The first important key to make any sustainable change is to go with the flow…

NGO:- Project hope UK/Thoughful Path, Munsieville, South Africa. (1 month in UK and 5 months in South Africa)

To read more about the NGO’s work please follow this link….

Project Hope UK operates as Thoughful Path in South Africa
Project Hope UK operates as Thoughful Path in South Africa

Assignment role:- Technical Implementation officer for Child health.

My objective: To work with the team to develop and write a health programme for initial 2 years which includes a costing plan, a staff plan, technical plans, training schedules, risk assessments, technical resources and the running schedule for the EYDC (Early year development centre).

The Thoughtful Path
The Thoughtful Path

Project Hope UK’s Mission:-  Through community empowerment and mobilization, to enable Africa’s most vulnerable children to grow into healthy, productive adults, equipped to do the same for their children.

I hope you got that right in your mind?? son Dhairya..
I hope you got that right in your mind?? son Dhairya..

In Just two weeks time (22nd June) I am going to start my assignment at stockley park, GSK, where the Project hope UK team is based and most probably July the 23rd I am going to fly to South Africa to live with the people in need and who remains closer to my heart.

Thank you very much for taking time to read this blog…I would love to hear your views, comments, suggestions to make this mission successful….

watch this space..and till next blog take care and be happy…

signing off,

this is your brand new GSK Pulse ambassador-2015……Hitesh Dave.


“Hi! My name is Hitesh Dave and I live in UK. I work for GSK, currently serving as a PULSE Volunteer with [Project Hope UK], however the opinions you read from me here are totally my own.” 


  1. Ok, I am on the ride, lets go! And I superlike your optimism and confidence + I am fortunate that I can understand your English 🙂 Great pic of your son too! Wish you the best in your journey. Manu.

  2. The PULSE team will be with you every step of the way Hitesh, can’t wait to hear how you get on!

  3. Hitesh

    Great to hear how you are doing, having worked briefly myself in Munsieville it is wonderful to hear about the continued work and I wish you every success. I am glad that you liked my photos of Munsieville when I did your PULSE health assessment in OH.

    Nicola Freeman Occupational Health

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