May 30


“Did you fall off your chair?”

I was sitting in the hairdressers when I heard where I’d be going on my PULSE assignment. My manager sent a text – “check your e-mail!” which I did, followed by “did you fall off your chair??”

I did fall off my chair and is the reason I am now sporting a wonky haircut. “Congratulations!” the e-mail said, “you have been matched….to find out where, click on the link below….”

It was the slowest opening of a link… EVER.

My assignment will be with Save the Children in the Philippines…Wow, what an amazing assignment! I will be a Health Project volunteer supporting the thematic area of Health, including Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene or WASH. I cannot wait to get out there – it will be an amazing experience and I will learn so much from it – I have already learnt so much already! I look forward and hope to make a sustainable change there…we are being expertly prepared by the PULSE team, so feel confident I can do this!

Jazz Hands!

Jazz Hands!

Preparations are going very well…more about that in the next blog. For now, a massive thank you to my line manager for her amazing support and encouragement with my PULSE journey so far…I am truly grateful for this opportunity. Also a huge thanks to my family, friends and colleagues at the CUC and beyond for your interest, excitement and encouragement! Speak soon, Alli 🙂