“Did you fall off your chair?”

I was sitting in the hairdressers when I heard where I’d be going on my PULSE assignment. My manager sent a text – “check your e-mail!” which I did, followed by “did you fall off your chair??”

I did fall off my chair and is the reason I am now sporting a wonky haircut. “Congratulations!” the e-mail said, “you have been matched….to find out where, click on the link below….”

It was the slowest opening of a link… EVER.

My assignment will be with Save the Children in the Philippines…Wow, what an amazing assignment! I will be a Health Project volunteer supporting the thematic area of Health, including Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene or WASH. I cannot wait to get out there – it will be an amazing experience and I will learn so much from it – I have already learnt so much already! I look forward and hope to make a sustainable change there…we are being expertly prepared by the PULSE team, so feel confident I can do this!

Jazz Hands!
Jazz Hands!

Preparations are going very well…more about that in the next blog. For now, a massive thank you to my line manager for her amazing support and encouragement with my PULSE journey so far…I am truly grateful for this opportunity. Also a huge thanks to my family, friends and colleagues at the CUC and beyond for your interest, excitement and encouragement! Speak soon, Alli 🙂



  1. Looking forward to reading your blogs! Thanks for including me/us in your journey–it’s begun!!

  2. Yessss! I can’t wait to hear about the difference you’re going to make overthere! Hold on tightly to the walls and roof of the place you’re staying in…..

  3. Let the count down begin. I’m never a good writer so I did not post any, but I will definitely look forward to reading your posts. Good luck and embrace the new experience!

  4. Great to hear your thoughts in your first blog Alli, I can feel your excitement! Look forward to reading more as you progress with your journey, as Jason says … it’s already started! And now I understand the wonky haircut!!

  5. Hahaha…well done Alli…Loved the way you wrote your blog…I’m your one of the follower now…all the best..

    1. Thanks Hitesh! Not long to go now…Good luck and look forward to hearing about your journey! Following me, following you 🙂

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