May 28


RSVP – “Don’t worry – I believe in you”

Hey you! yes YOU…. the person reading my blog— I have a short story for you and then an ask. I have a question that I would really like your feedback on to take with me on my Pulse journey. You dig it? So here’s my story….

I was ordering my 3rd cup of coffee the other day at the coffee kiosk in GSK. I was exhausted and it was only 10am. How was I ever going to be productive and “on” in accomplishing all my transitioning goals? And if I’m this tired now how will I ever keep up with my Pulse partner? As I I started to vocalize all my internal thoughts… bad habit of mine….. all of a sudden out of no where, the new coffee guy says to me “Don’t worry…. I believe in you.” And then he walked away to go on doing his work. “Don’t worry… I believe in you” I turned to the person behind me and asked if I heard him correctly. The woman behind me nodded and said “Well those are some powerful words you don’t get to hear every day”.

I put my coffee down and felt an immediate sense of purpose, energy, and focus. How easy it can be to get selfishly caught up in your own discouraging thoughts. When thinking about what to blog this week, I kept going back to what that man at the coffee shop said “Don’t worry…. I believe in you.” “Don’t worry…. I believe in you” Six simple words when strung together had the power to shift my entire mindset for the day and even now continues to reverberate in my mind when I start worrying over the change I’m muddling through.

So I wonder – what words, quotes, phrases has someone said to you at the right moment in your life during ‘transitional’ times where you felt ‘moved?

This is the part where you share your wisdom with me 🙂 Now, go…. write below, seriously. I’ll be taking all the ideas posted in a little box with me on my journey so when I’m feeling a little skeptical of my own strength, I will tap into words that have worked for you, my readers!

Thank you in advance for coming along with me….