Nadeem- Mahmoud the story is continuous May 05


Could the letter N come before the letter M in the alphabet? No, but yes at PULSE!

Had you seen before the letter (N) comes before letter (M) while you sorting it out?

The answer definitely  NO but at PULSE you can see it ,Mahmoud  comes after Nadeem (my Buddy) ,

I am Mahmoud Ahmed and my PULSE assignment will be at Nairobi -Kenya at LCD (Leonard Cheshire Disabilities). I will work in East and North Africa Regional Office (ENARO) in Nairobi as a Fundraising Volunteer. Although my assignment will start on 10 of August  I am excited to make my first post even when I have not attended the face to face orientation sessions. I am touched from my Buddy Nadeem through our communication about LCD and what he has accomplished with the NGO showing me the spirit we have at GSK and how working across boundaries could be a real and role model example to achieve our goals and objectives Nadeem-Mahmoud the story is continuousNadeem shared with me his accomplishment,culture and ,recommendation for next period of my assignment. Many thanks to him!