This is the end…

I can’t believe it …

3 days – 72 hours – 4320 min …  before the end of my assignment…

Time goes by so fast!

Yesterday was the farewell lunch at OGRA foundation, time to remember all the work, fun shared together during these last 6 months.


Today was  the day of the implementation of the brochure “to late to walk” The brochure and the poster have been distributed at Ombeyi Medical centre. Hoping that it can create a great impact on all pregnant women

IMG_1307   IMG_1304 IMG_1305

It is quite difficult for me to find words to farewell but unfortunately the time to say Goodbye has come. A lot of feelings came to me and I realised that most of them are the same than before my departure : excited, impatient, anxious, happy, proud,…

I’m starting to think about things that I will miss … but also things that I will not miss 😉 !

Try to guess with these pictures what I will miss …!

DSC_0260   CSC_0262

DSC_0696   DSC_0007

DSC_0140    DSC_0118

DSC_0692  DSC05238

IMG_1152   CIMG8241

IMG_0354  IMG_0879

Crocodile     DSC_0690

IMG_1247      IMG_1225

I realize that I lived a unique experience here . It has been 6 months challenging, motivating with difficulties but so many learning and many opportunities in front of me.

If you ask me whether I learned something? – Yes, I did.

If you ask me whether did I’ve changed? – Yes, I did.

If you ask me whether did I was the change? Difficult to answer on this question , one of my  colleague wrote ” The impact  she is leaving behind has surely touched the lives of many…” and I would like to believe on this..

My father said regarding my assignment: “everybody would like to save the world but by bringing small lights one after the other we take an active role in this”

Thank you all for your incredible support

See you soon.


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