March 01


#6! 第六号!

Table #6 was the spot assigned to me while I was at the Save the Children Washington DC office. =)
6 months went by in a blink of the eye, it feels like only yesterday when I was in the Save the Children Connecticut office, trying to find my way around… oh well… everything. Yet, it also gave me an experience that I’ve never had before: giving independence a whole new meaning, knowing more about the many great minds in American history, stepping out of audit and into compliance, hands-on implementation of a solution to streamline compliance efforts. Although it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t see the implementation to its very very very end!
I know I’ll look back and reminisce the days where I’m furiously drafting up something in the Intern’s Room and having exchanges with the Interns on life in the US…The many moments where I’m leaning forward in my supervisor’s office, talking about the risks around Save the Children and what the perfect compliance world would look like… The many meetings and emails within the Legal and Risk team which helped us get where we are today.
Alas, there will come a time where people and things will part, and go on separate paths. Nonetheless, I know this period will leave a special place in my heart, and I hope that one day our paths will cross again.
As our former department Vice President once said – “Ciao, but not Adios.”
容我引用本部门前任副总裁的一句话 – “Ciao but not Adios”