Omega – The Final Chapter?

It’s Friday the 13th [of February 2015].

For the superstitious or cautious, perhaps a night safely tucked in bed, smothered by a heavy quilt,

with a bedside lamp illuminating – diffracting and reflecting off any unseen guests…

A sense of false security?

For the brave or carefree, maybe a night sat in solitude on the nearest, darkest, highest peak,

awaiting the dawn of Valentine’s Day,

absorbing the chill and illumination of the clear night sky [if there’s one],

overlooking a city or town glittering under Mega watts of electric power….

Spare a thought [or a kilo watt] for the millions who have to live with intermittent blackouts or no electric supply.

A real sense of energy insecurity!


This is our world, a world of contrasts,

a world of scarcity, a world of superfluousness.

Having lived in both the developing and developed worlds,

I do appreciate the contrasts!


But I wanted to experience more,

more about the barriers that some people in the developed world face.

I was hungry for a change of scenery,

thirsty to give something back to my community here in the UK.

The GSK PULSE Volunteer Partnership Programme provided the best platform for me,

to experience how the UK charity sector operates,

the constraints they face, the strives they make,

to support those who experience barriers in their daily lives.


A year ago, I didn’t even know a charity by name MENCAP existed.

Through the PULSE programme, I have not only become aware of MENCAP’s mission,

but I have been a part of contributing to that mission;

the mission of supporting individuals with a learning disability in overcoming the barriers they face in society.


Personally, being on PULSE gave me some space to think about the next chapter of my life,

to explore the things that my erstwhile robotic routine didn’t permit me to.

I rekindled my love for writing – I didn’t think I would embrace blogging the way I did.

I found blogging very therapeutic – capturing my thoughts, sharing my experiences,

the highs, the lows, the joys, the moans…

I even managed to write the 1st chapter of an autobiographical, fictional story.

Finding the space to get Chapter 2 rolling has been impossible,

perhaps I need another ‘break’!


During PULSE, I became part of a new community,

I developed new relationships across Golden Lane Housing and MENCAP.

I expanded my network within GlaxoSmithKline and enriched already established relationships.

I really enjoyed my PULSE assignment!



The Climax

Like Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie’s Curtain,

the time has come for me to draw the curtain!


I will very much miss writing to you, my Beloved.

The passions within, outwardly transcribed,

prose from my head, poetry from my heart,

liturgy from my spirit, soul from my soul!

For my translations, for my adorations,

for my lamentations, for my jubilations!

My transcriptions may cease,

but my passions made richer.

For of much content are the memories we share together.


Ulverston my adopted home,

on a cold winter’s night, I came back to thee!

My body has been weary,

but there have been heavenly encounters.

As we share Valentine’s Day together,

may I share with you one of my favourite ballads – ‘Heaven’ by Bryan Adams.



Lest you forget,

my love for you is still boundless!

Need I say more?




Pulse of Ulverston

One comment

  1. Congratulations, Yaa, for completing this journey. You not only sacrificed to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, but you inspired all of us with your talents and introduced us to a new style of blogging. Any plans to patent this?
    I doubt this will be your last blog; how about coming home to Ulverston and reflecting on the Mencap experience? I guess you’ll be sharing that too.
    I’m proud of you. Welcome back. The journey though now begins- Changing GSK.

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