So far, so good

Close to the end of my assignment … Time is running so fast.

4 weeks already done …

4 weeks remaining before my return to Belgium…

4 weeks for finishing my projects…

4 weeks for saying good bye and see Isabella growing up…

4 weeks for thinking  of what I will miss, what I ‘ll not miss…

After Christmas break spent in Belgium with my children and my family, I was a little bit anxious to come back to Kisumu alone, as the other PULSE volunteer had  finished their assignment and left. I wondered how  I would live this new challenge?

Despite the fact that I  really miss my colleagues, I can say that after 4 weeks… I’m not afraid of being alone…I have learnt to appreciate this time ,especially for a mother of 3 children having time for yourself is a luxury. Within OGRA foundation, the absence of the others GSK volunteer has opened a new world.. , I spend more time with OGRA ‘s staff and having more interactions with them.

What happened in the last 4 weeks?

  • Little Isabella is now 4 months and she’s doing very well… she received her first vaccine without side effects.Thanks to my 2 nieces (Virginie and Anais) she received a full box of clothes and toys.

IMG_0857     IMG_0854DSC_0885-001

  • The pilot phase for the 3 months free delivery transportation’s voucher  is now complete. The initial findings show a wide reception of the idea where 94% of voucher distributed were successfully used.


  The continuation of the project is currently under discussion.

  • The brochure explaining the top signs of labour and the danger signs of pregnancy is almost finished. I’m waiting for the translation in Kiswahili and in Luo before the implementation  in the medical centre. Distribution of the brochure expected in 2 weeks.
  • The sewing machine has been installed in the Special Unit class in Rabour School. Currently, teachers have been trained who will then teach the pupils.
  • At a second stage, the girls will be taught  how to make reusable sanitary towel which could be useful for all of the girls at school and help to maintain the school‘s attendance for girls during the menstruation.

IMG_1108  IMG_1107


  • I’m proud to have developed  with the help of my colleague David Amonje a partnership with “Leonard Cheshire Disability” , OGRA foundation and Rabour school.

Together the two Organizations  and Rabour School will seek to achieve the following results:

  1. Promote inclusive education within the respective schools of operation.
  2. Increase community awareness on disability and the importance of education to the disabled persons.
  3. Promote school assessment and identification of the disabled cases.
  4. Pursue interventions that will seek to promote inclusive education within the school.
  5. Capacities build the teacher/students fraternity on handling the disabled cases

Leonard Cheshire Disability (LCD) is the UK’s leading charity supporting disabled people across the globe every year the organization supports thousands of people with physical and learning disabilities to fulfill their potential and live the lives they choose. LCD works for a society in which every person is equally valued and to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities as they campaigns for the removal of barriers that hinder them.

  • On behalf of Victoria Denies, distribution of toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by their friends and her family at  the Orphan feeding centre  in Ombeyi.

Distribution toothbrush -toothpaste

What else?

  • One-day hiking tour to the Monkey Rock with Beverley Jewell ( GSK Pulse Volunteer assigned in Nairobi) – Tom Baxter ( Student in Medicine from UK) and Fredah Ajowi project Manager in OGRA foundation

DSC_0892   IMG_0909

  • Visit of Kit Makyi  – a rock formation, around 40 m high situated about 29 km west of the town of Kisumu in western Kenya Kit-mikayi means “the stone of the first woman”, or “stone of the first wife”

DSC_0918  IMG_1009

  • Visit of Rusinga Island  with Rami ( GSK Pulse Volunteer in Millenium Village) and 2 friends : Rusinga Island is an elongated shape approximately 16 km from end to end and 5 km at its widest point, lies in the eastern part of Lake Victoria.

IMG_1130  DSC_0042    DSC_0068

  • On behalf of Martin Brands donation of a solar lamp to Christine’s family and Baby clothes for Matt donated by my niece ” Anais”

IMG_0939   IMG_0952

See you in 4 weeks 🙂 and all the best for you.


  1. j adore suivre ce que tu fais…de “petites “choses ainsi de ci de là font du bien…pas slt à eux mais aussi à nous .On apprend à relativiser ! profite à fond de tes qq semaines restantes

  2. Salut Isabelle. Quelle belle aventure africaine! Profite encore bien de ces dernières semaines! A très bientôt au plat pays…

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