Phi-Chi-Psi: Feisty, Chilly, Feasty!

As it approached New Year’s Eve,

we approached Ulverston;

arriving at our deserted little Victorian cottage just after 23 hrs GMT.

It was a chilly welcome, a cold embrace!


Part IV – Physically Drained

After my sleeping little tots were quietly tucked into bed,

a gaze at two cars out in the chill and full of baggage,

a glance at two cold living rooms full of cardboard boxes;

there was no difference between nice to haves and must haves, nice to do and must do,

there was no time for prioritisation, in fact no room for prioritisation.

It was time to brace up [not embrace] the challenge and expend some residual muscle power.

An all night of unpacking, unfolding, tidying, organising…

The living spaces made reasonably habitable.


Grocery shopping on New Year’s Eve,

‘Christmas’ feast on New Year’s Day …

Gifts opened after the over-indulgence…


January was spent unpacking, cleaning, organising, over-indulging, settling-in… and

recuperating from over-used muscles, aching tendons, battered ligaments, chicken pox…

Our continuous occupation rendered the cold cottage cozy!

After being in Ulverston for nearly 40 days,

and back at work (full-time) at GSK for 10 days,

I can say that I’m pretty much settled back into my rural, robotic routine.

After a hard day’s work, such as today,

an evening’s relaxation in my quaint cottage;

a peep through the north facing upper window,

the glowing of the Hoad monument enlightening the clear Ulverston sky;


Hoad night

[Courtesy: ]


a recoil into my twin double bed in the night,

[not that I need that much sleeping space; breathing space perhaps or indeed sightseeing space]

an upward gaze through the roof window,

the radiance of the full moon as the night clouds quickly pass it by…

A feeling of being on cloud nine,

A smile, an enthralment, a drifting off to sleep…


Your Beloved,

Phi Chi Psi

Pulse of Ulverston

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